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Become an Ally of thousands of upcoming Artists!
Provide them with your products & services to aid their musical journey.

The Ally Agreement

The Net is a ZERO RISK, LEAD GENERATING, PRIVATE MARKETPLACE designed for Artists and Partners (Vendors) to network, do business and grow together in a multi-million dollar industry.

As an Ally, you agree to adopt and uphold our mission by offering products & services within a preferential price range as well as your regular prices. Thus generating maximum value for all our members and in turn, whether you’re an Artist or a Vendor, enjoy the benefits offered by The Net and other Allies.

We believe in collaboration and reciprocity. Thus we strive to create work opportunities and long lasting business relationships within our community.

Choose how you want to contribute!

How to apply

  • 1- Tell us about yourself and your business

    Let us know how great you are at what you do by filling the info below! We aim to work with the best of the best so we take applications very seriously regardless of your profession.

  • 2- Wait for verification

    We'll send you an email with the registration link and code so you can sign-up as an official Vendor. This may take a while, we are very serious about new applicants. Further instructions will be included.

  • 3- Upload your products and start selling

    Configure and Personalize your online store to display the products & services you wish to sell to the Artists and other Vendors!

Becoming a Vendor

Designed to expand your business' reach

Enjoy access to your very own FREE digital store! where you can sell your products & services to Artists internationally.

Its simple really, Artists need your services in order to grow and secure a path to success, as a Vendor you get access to a new stream of customers and a wide set of benefits in return for affordable prices and discounts!

Its a SIMPLE, ZERO RISK, WIN-WIN situation between Vendors, Artists and Soundgig.

what we ask of you in return
The benefits you will enjoy!

Preferential Price Range:

To ensure that we fulfill our social objective and actually generate the most value for Artists and our Partners alike; We require that our vendors offer at least one product and/or service in the level 1 category. This may be a basic low-cost variant of your products/services which will allow Artists to cover their most basic needs and grow their projects. Thus obtaining cashflow to reinvest in the near future.

You can also add as many products/services as you want in any of the following categories (Levels): 

All prices are displayed in United States Currency.

Customer Loyalty Program

Designed to strengthen your connection to clients and network

A FREE, value-generating, loyalty program that allows businesses to position themselves as socially responsible and remain “top of mind” in their customer’s eyes.

It is a simple compromise where if someone(customer) holds “The Net’s” digital membership card you, as a Vendor/Business, offer them discounts and special treatment. This in turn allows the business to retain satisfied, recurring clients. 

Vendors/Businesses can handle those benefits internally as they see fit; let us know about them and we’ll communicate them to “The Net’s” members via email accordingly.

As a bonus we aim to generate work opportunities for Artists as additional income sources. So if your business is hiring part-time or full-time, we can share that with our members!

what we ask of you in return
The benefits you will enjoy!

Become our Ally!